Cat won't poop in litter box anymore

He has only gone in his box twice in the last three weeks. He goes into his box, looks like he's going, kicks his litter around, but there is nothing there! He then proceeds to poop elsewhere in the apartment. Sometimes he squats and goes, other times he's on his back or his side and then just starts going. Has been to the vet twice - said there is nothing medically wrong with him. Wants to put him on meds if it keeps happening - but I really don't like this idea. We have him in a room to retrain, but it doesn't appear to be working. Nothing new in home. Use pine litter (he eats everything else). We've had him 2 months. Already dealt with litter box avoidance after bacteria found in urine - but got him peeing in box again without much effort. Maybe he's stressed? I can't think of anything that happened when this all started. Vet said he may not have been feeling well and he was just trying to tell us... but now he's better so why won't he use his box? Help.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It sounds like there are a couple issues going on here. If your kitty is eating non-food items, he could have something called "pica" which affects humans as well--people who eat dirt, rocks, plastic, etc. It's a disease that CAN be treated with medications. If it looks like, when your cat is trying to "go" in the box, he's straining, or if at any time it hurt him to poop in the box, it's a psychological thing. He thinks it's going to hurt him if he poops in the box. If he's pooping without knowing it, there IS definitely a physical/health concern and he does need to be on meds. Giving a cat meds isn't fun, but if it cures his issues, this may be the only way. You may even want to try a completely different style and/or location for his box--a "do-over" if you will to help erase his bad memories, or put more than one box out. Make sure the areas where he eliminates inappropriately are cleaned with an oxy/enzymatic cleaner left on the spot for at least 15 minutes and then scrubbed.
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