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Hi there..i hope you can help me..My dog (here ist) and my cat 4 months old are BEST friends..My dog cam home yesterday from the groomer...well my cat does not recognize him at all..hissing and very upset she wont go near him! HELP! i am so upset! Thank you janine

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  • Linda AbramsLinda Abrams Joanna, SC 29351Member Posts: 555 ✭✭
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    Your dog probably doesn't smell like he did before he went to the groomers. Time will work its magic but you might be able to help it along a little by wiping both animals with the same cloth or taking the cat's bed (etc) and wiping the dob with it. Good luck!!!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Tia gives good advice. It is definitely the smell of your dog that's weirding your kitten out. First of all, don't freak out! Your upset could also be affecting the animals. This will pass! The dog will probably ignore or avoid the cat and when she realizes he's not making a big deal out of it, she'll come back to him asking to play or whatever. He probably smells like other animals as well and your kitten may be afraid he brought them home with him! In the future, tell your groomer what happened. My grooomer tends to spray a bandana she puts on my dog with cologne and it's even strong for us--not to mention the animal. So, I asked her to please not use the spray on my dog or the scarf. They can also use unscented shampoo. That way, even if your dog came home with the smell of the groomer's on him, it will dissipate more quickly and peace will reign once again!
  • Susanna CookSusanna Cook Member Posts: 768
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    I agree with the other two a lot, so I'm basically just clarifying. Cats totally go by smell, they only pick up simple characteristics in others such as hair and fur color and that's it. She probably thinks your dog is another dog, or something totally difference. As the other two said, it will pass. Try taking an extremely clean cloth and rubbing it on the cat's head, then all over the dog's body. This may help the cat get used to the dog's scent after a while, yet it is not always sure to work. Like we said though, it will pass. No reason to be upset.
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