How long does it typically take for feline herpesvirus meds to work?

My Kitten was given medicine for her fever and conjunctivitis on Thursday (it is now Sunday Night).. she still has a very watery and pink eye.. Should I be concerned that it has yet to do much to make it better? I am giving her the medicine as directed by the vet. I am more concerned about her eye than anything.. Thank you.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Depending on how severe the infection was, you should probably be seeing some difference by now. I would at least call your vet back and tell them what you've told us. See if there is something else you can do for her or if they'd like you to bring her back in.
  • ED DENTONED DENTON Member Posts: 1
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    From what i understand..a virus really has no cure, other than rest, good nutrition, and time. A virus, normally will run its coarse and the symptoms will go away. Any antibiotics prescribed for viruses is used to prevent secondary infections such as pneumonia ect., as the cats immune system is taxed fighting off the virus. I would think that haveing a fever as long as it is not to extreme would help naturally kill the virus, so treating the fever may extend the length of the virus symptoms. Some viruses in cats may have returning symptoms caused by stress or other issues. The eye infection should subside with the triple antibiotic drops or ointment that vets prescribe. At our rescue i have had some eye infections clear up in a day or two and others that took months to heal up. It is best to keep using the antibiotic beyond the point where the eye looks healed, many times with antibiotics the treatment is stopped when the symptoms look better to have it return once the treating stops
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