Gagging with elevated level of GGT in blood test

My Daddy brought me to the vet after he saw me kinda 'gagging' up small pools of clear saliva. Sometimes it would be when I'd wake up and take my first stretch, sometimes it would be when I was eating, and sometimes for no reason. It's not like a "hacking" of a furball, but more like a single "push" and a little spittle would come out. It was only 20 or so times over the course of a few days, but I'm almost 8 and he was concerned. I went to the vet and was given some antibiotics and had some blood work done. The antibiotics seem to have helped as my gagging has gone away, but the blood results showed an elevated level of the GGT liver enzyme: My GGT level was 20 u/L (normal is 0-6 u/L) My doctor wasn't too concerned and said other liver enzymes are usually elevated too when there is a problem. She recommended another blood test in 6-8 weeks. Maybe my kitty buddies have some information to offer? My Daddy loves me VERY much and is always concerned about me! Reagan

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Hi, Reagan. I know that if any of your Catster buds have any info, they'll share it. But please remember that even if they do have the same symptoms, it's just their own experience and the one who knows you almost the best is your vet. If your Daddy is worried about you, we know that your doc wouldn't mind a bit if Daddy wanted to call them to share his concerns and get his mind put at ease. When our sisfur Mollie was very sick, our mom called the vet almost every day and our doc was always very kind and helpful. We hope that your medications do you the very best that they can and that you are back on your Daddy's lap, headbonking and purring in no time! Join Catster and keep us updated!Love from Izzie and the Zoo Crew!
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