Cooper hasnt been acting the same...........?

Jessi KnicelyJessi Knicely KimballMember Posts: 272
Cooper has been sleeping alot lately and i know thats what cats do but he doesnt sleep a whole lot during the day and lately hes been acting like he doesnt feel good he has watery eyes that look like they will lead to crusty eyes he just scratched me while i tried putting him down and he never does that could you give me a couple of guess of what it is or what may be the problem i want to take him to the vetbut not sure if my mom will call

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    If he is also not eating as much as normal, not drinking water, is vomiting, or hasn't been using the litterbox or else has diarrhea, then he really does need to see the vet. Check his gums, they should be a healthy pink, if they are pale, that is not good. Feel his paw pads to see if they feel hot. I really can not guess what is wrong with him. I do not know if he has had all his shots or if he is neutered, and I can not tell if he seems to have a fever, etc. Guessing would not be helpful. Keep an eye on him and if he has any of the things I described other than just sleeping more than normal and being a little snippy with his claws, then you really need to get your Mom to call the vet.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    When you add any sort of animal to your family, the entire family needs to be onboard with the adoption. Even if Cooper is "your" cat, if you do not have a job and cannot pay for vet care, your mom should have realized that the responsibility was her's before she said OK. If Cooper has not been to a vet, he needs to go if for no other reason than to have him examined, get his vaccinations and if he's not neutered, talk that over with the doctor. The vet can also tell you if Cooper is not well. We can't here--we aren't vets and guessing if there's anything wrong or not would not be wise or helpful to Cooper. Offer to do jobs around the house for your mom to pay off the vet bill. Feeling his pawpads is not a reliable way to tell if he has a fever. Izzie's pawpads are always very warm. If your instincts tell you that he's not feeling well, please get him to a vet. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.
  • Susanna CookSusanna Cook Member Posts: 768
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    My kitten Socko is around the same age and he a lot of times sleeps almost none some days, but then nearly sleeps almost all day the next. However, if your kitten is doing this every day then I'm sure it's not particularly normal. Kittens are usually very active and have bursts of intense activity. They often play hard but then sleep hard. If your kitten is almost never awake, perhaps you need them to be tested by a vet just in case. If he is excessively nocturnal, then you need to look around this site for info on that. Your kitten is adorable by the way. About the crust, if tears are just running freely then there should not be any abnormal crust. It's pretty normal, but I would check up with a vet just in case. Your cat is a beautiful, siamese looking cat. Cheers and good luck.
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