Dry food instead of wet food

Cindy MeeganCindy Meegan Chicago / Rolling Meadows / OrMember Posts: 1
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My meowmy is trying to get me to eat dry food instead of wet canned food, but I don't want to! She says it's better for me, but my Fancy Feast is just so yummy that i don't even bother with that crunchy stuff. She's already tried only giving me the dry food and no canned food, but I just didn't eat for over 24 hours then. What can she do to get me interested in the healthier Royal Canin dry food she bought for me?


  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 19 April, 2007
    Meows, Anya. Canned food is better for us, not the other way around. Here's a web site that explains why: http://www.catinfo.org Dry foods lack moisture, are high in calories and carbs and other things, and many brands are just very poor in quality. Dry food does not keep our teeth clean, as many Humans think. Dry foods can cause obesity because of the high calorie content and health problems like diabetes because of the very high carb content. Many dry foods only contain meat mels (not real meats) and pleny of filler ingrediens like corn and rice and gluten :-O Icky things that we felines do not need. Premium brands of food like Wellness and Innova have better quality ingredients and some are even grain-free but it is still dry food. There is nothing wrong with eating only canned food. Fancy Feast is a very good low carb canned food. If ingredients are a concern, you could try a higher quality brand that contains real meats and no filler ingredients or by products. A canned food only diet can keep you healthier than a dry food only diet can. This is just my opinion, of course. Some felines may not agree with this but that is ok. It is up to your Human to learn about what a proper feline diet should be and decide on what to feed you.
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