HOw do i get my cat to stop marking in the house?

Cooper has been marking inside the house so my parents have kicked him outside until he gets fixed which is in a couple of weeks is there anyway i can get him to stop marking so he can come inside again?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Neutering him will definitely cut down on the marking inside. I'm hoping that he doesn't find too many females while he's out there. This is prime mating season. And, once a cat becomes at "outside cat", even temporarily, it's very difficult to get them to stay inside once again. But, no speeches. There really is no way you can stop him from marking, especially if he's not neutered. You'll need to clean up all his "areas" in the house with an oxy-based cleaner. I use one from the laundry aisle at the supermarket. Mix with water and let it set on the stains for at least an hour, then scrub up. If there are many stains, you may want to have your parents call a professional carpet cleaner.
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    I'll pop up with speeches. Get Cooper a cage big enough for a small litterbox and dish. It's $50, pricey but you'll have the cage for any future reasons. It's a wire cage at a feed and garden store, they're more expensive at a large pet chain like PetCo or PetsMart. Your parents need to realize that your cat is fathering, not could be or maybe or there's a possibility bit he IS fathering a litter of kittens somewhere. This litter of kittens isn't going to a loving cuddly family. It's going to starve, be eaten by dogs, be shot, set on fire by neighborhood kids, fed to snakes by people, run over or auto killed by a shelter. This is reality. Then there's your pet. There's no guarantee he will ever return. In-tact males will travel much further than you can imagine to find a female in heat and become lost, find another male and get into a fight so bad he won't come out. Please get your buddy inside. Purrs to you
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