My kitty just got neutered yesterday. He's being pretty active, but extremely whiny and bitey. Is th

I tried putting him somewhere quiet with no high furniture so he could recuperate but he did NOT like that. So I've let him roam the house but am keeping an eye out (make sure he's not jumping a lot). He was kept overnight at the hospital yesterday after the neutering and just got home earlier today. Now, he's playing a lot but whining if I leave alone for one second. But when I play with him, he's biting even more than usual. Is it ok to play with him? How do I know if I am being too rough? PS: He does not have stitches

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  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    I think it is really great that your vet kept your kitty overnight for being neutered. Not many facilities will keep cats overnight after they are spayed/neutered. I would just continue to do what you are doing. He should be okay in a few days. I would keep him indoors and yes, it's okay to play with him - just not too rough! Good luck with your kitty. He is really a cutie pie!
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    Since Luigi is your baby, it's possible that he's spoiled. There's nothing wrong with that. I (affectionately) call Izzie my "Bratboy" (someone once thought I was talking about a sandwich) because I've spoiled him so badly. I can almost guarantee you that Luigi was more than a little weirded out by his experience. And, he may still have some medications in his system that are making him feel weird. For the time being, as guest said, keep the playtimes short and low-key. Use a feather teaser but don't whip it around all over the place. If he starts getting bitey, just stop playing with him. He's vocalizing because he wants you to explain what happened and probably apologize to him ;-) Give him a few days. Keep an eye on him for licking and biting at his surgery site. Even if he doesn't have stitches, it's still a little painful. Purrs to your little dollbaby!
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    Yes. He is being clingy as he would if you were his mother. I myself have never discouraged biting and even incorporate it into play. My kittens are older and have advanced jaw strength due to being fed bones of a raw diet. Neither one has ever come close to hurting anyone in the family. I have young children. I have done this since 8 weeks when I brought my kittens home from the shelter. Biting is very much part of a kitten's interaction with it's mother and siblings. Many people don't know or tend to forget and associate an innocent act with aggression, punish the cat and it actually ends up in disaster. I strongly believe that cats who are allowed to be cats know their limits within a loving home. Use this time to bond, you are his momcat now.
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