What can I do to stop my two younger girls from attacking and harassing my 16 year old girl??

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I moved back into my parents house almost a year ago. They have one kitty who's a 16 yr old female (Birdie). I brought my two with me (both girls)aged 5(zelda) and 2(cherny). Ever since I moved back they attack the 16 yr old constantly. At first, I chalked it up to territorial issues...but it's still happening. The 2 year old especially seeks out my elder kitty to attack her. Shes done it while Birdie was going to the bathroom, sleeping etc. Ive had to set up Birdie in my room with food, water, and litter box because she's gotten really scared and stressed from it. I have to escort her around the house just to make sure she isnt bothered. Birdie hasnt done anything to provoke them and goes out of her way to avoid/keep a low profile. I'd really like some help because I'm worried its going to affect her health. Also, they are all spayed. Any input would be appreciated!!

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    You need to establish yourself as the HCIC (Head Cat In Charge). Let them know that you are the Alpha in the house, not THEM and that you are NOT pleased with their behavior toward Birdie. When they are attacking her, get right in their faces and tell them very firmly "NO!!" If you can pick them up w/o getting scratched, put them in a separate room for a time out. Be consistent. Supervise their interactions with Birdie. Use a soda can with pennies it in and shake it at them when they attack. You can also spray them on their behinds with water while saying "NO!!!!" Be consistent and do this all the time. They'll begin to recognize that you are NOT pleased with them and the attacks should lessen.
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