Everytime my cat chews on its right side the food falls out but if is chews on its left he swallows

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It runs away from everyone and hisses at us when we try to get near it. It is not acting like itself aand i just got it to eat. And i noticed about how the food kept falling out everytime it chewed on its right side. I think something might be wrong with its mouth like a lost tooth or something.

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  • JEN ATKINSJEN ATKINS Member Posts: 123
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    It sounds as though he may have an infected tooth that is causing him pain and difficulty in eating. I say this over and over again, but anytime your cat is acting different than he/she normally does, it usually means there is a medical issue that needs to be dealt with. You will not be able to examine the cat's mouth yourself. If he has an infected tooth, it will be very painful to him and eventually he will stop eating. Bacteria from an infection like this can enter the blood stream and cause problems in other organs, such as the kidneys, if not dealt with in a timely manner. If your cat goes outside unsupervised, he could have gotten into any number of harmful things or he may have even been hit by a car. Please get your kitty to a vet asap.
  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    I'm going to bet that your cat has an infection going on in his mouth. In any event, he needs to be seen by your vet. If there is an infection, your cat will be given antibiotics and your vet will tell you when the tooth can be extracted. Just call your vet ASAP. Teeth infections are nothing to mess with, as they can spread infection through the blood and do damage to the heart as well. Hope kitty gets better soon! Purrs, kisses and hugs to kitty!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    One of the ways a cat who may have been social and friendly shows that it's in pain is by acting exactly the way you've described your cat is acting. As the other posters have said, you MUST take your cat to a vet. If it doesn't have a regular vet, now is the time to find one. Dental infections can spread to the brain and be fatal. You need to find out what's wrong with him as soon as you can. I don't know of any vet who will turn away a sick cat. Most will try to find out what's wrong and worry about payment later. If you can afford a computer and the Internet, then you can afford to have your cat looked at by a vet. Please have him taken care of asap. Best of luck and let us know how he's doing.
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    I agree with the other posters, he likely has a dental infection (or other dental problem) and needs to see a vet. Dental issues can be very painful and spread to other parts of the body. Please call your vet to set up an appointment as soon as possible. If payment is an issue, some vets will work out a payment plan or you can apply for Care Credit. Best wishes and hope he's feeling better soon.
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