I brush my short haired cats, they shed all year. I have to vacuum every day just to keep up with a

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I have three cats from the humane society. I've changed the furnace filter and brush the cats once or twice a week. I'm thinking about buying a Roomba remote type vacuum. The fur is On the floors, on the kitchen counter tops, floating in the air, and on my clothing. The vet said it's normal and just a trait they were born with. Can you suggest a vacuum or air cleaner that will suck the fur up & out of the air?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Welcome to the World of Having Pets! ;-) Seriously, there are many factors that can contribute to over-shedding, if that's truly what your issue is. You can check with your vet and detail their diet. They may need more protein, vitamins/minerals, etc. in their food and a vet can advise you. They are not only medical experts but pet nutritionists as well. Your vet can also determine if any of them has a skin condition that would exacerbate shedding. At this time of year, at least in my locale, we are still running our furnace. The dry air can contribute to shedding.I do brush my cats every day. I keep a brush they will tolerate by my recliner and when they lay on my lap at night, I brush them both. A friend here on Catster has a Rhoomba and has reported mixed results. It entertains her cats endlessly, but I don't detect that she's overly enthusiastic about it. I'm not certain an air cleaner is equipped for fur removal, but you certainly can shop around. It's just part of having pets!
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    Indoor cats will shed year 'round, but often worse in the Spring when the weather changes and starts warming up. I've heard good things about the Dyson Animal vacuum. I would also suggest brushing your cats. I have a Furminator and a Zoom Groom and they work wonders. You'll be shocked how much fur you get off your cats. If you decide to get one, I'd do the first brushing outside. The Furminator is expensive, but worth it. The Zoom Groom is not very expensive and also works very well. Depending on the food you are feeding, you might want to upgrade if you can afford to. If you feed a grocery store brand, you might want to try upgrading to a premium food such as Wellness, Blue, Felidae, Innova, Evo to name a few. Better quality food makes a difference for a lot of cats.
  • Amanda HillmanAmanda Hillman noneMember Posts: 1
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    A lion cut is the best solution for cats shedding.
  • Carol ZytnikCarol Zytnik Rego Park, New YorkMember Posts: 168 ✭✭
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    I had a Roomba several years ago. It picked up a lot of fur, but I found that it wasn't worth the trouble when it got stuck under furniture, etc., etc. It was also quite slow and I found the background noise to be very irritating. I have two cats that shed a lot. Surprisingly enough, the one that seems to be the worse of my two is the short-hair, not the long hair. I brush every day. Better for them, better for me and the furniture. I agree with what everyone else has said about diet. I used to feed the common brands found in the supermarket. I switched to better food about a year ago and found that it really improved the quality of their coats and lessened the shedding.
  • Caroline VanceCaroline Vance College StationMember Posts: 40
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    I have a HEPA air purifier in the bedroom that helps with the floating in the air fur. I vacuum weekly on the carpet and sweep the rest of the apartment. I also vacuum the furniture as goofy as that sounds. *shrug* it works well enough. Keegan is short haired, and really started shedding when our Texas winter was over. I brush him every day too.
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