Cat peeing/spraying?

I have a male cat, about 8 years old, indoor only, who has started to pee in various places outside of the litter box. But, the way he does it looks more like spraying. He doesn't squat like a cat normally does when peeing, but will back up to something, remaining standing and shimmy his tail back and forth quickly, which appears to be spraying behaviour. The problem is, is that he releases a lot of urine, rather than a spurt like, as I understand it, is common with spraying. He is neutered, when he was a kitten. We live in a basement apartment and there is an outdoor cat that comes around regularly and sprays the windows. Possible trigger? So, I assume he is peeing, but the way he does it looks more like spraying, but being neutered young I find it hard to believe he is spraying. Thoughts? Thank you.

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  • Mary HoweMary Howe BoiseMember Posts: 7 ✭✭
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    The way you describe how your cat does this does sound like spraying to me. One way you can tell is that when males spray, the urine tends to have a much stronger odor than regular urine. He could very well be responding to the outdoor cat that is spraying your windows (you should get an enzyme cleaner such as Nature's Miracle to clean them and your cat's urine AND talk to whoever owns that cat about the problem). Some cats are sensitive to change and if you've had any big changes such as moving, or even small ones, like moving your furniture around, this might be triggering the behavior. However, since your cat was neutered as a kitten and it sounds like at 8 years old this is a new behavior, I would take him to the vet as soon as possible. Litter box issues are a sign of an ill cat, especially if they have always used their litter boxes in the past. Good luck with your kitty!
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