I have 2 kittens (m&F) my female ear tips @ times are very cold then @ other times they are warm lik

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I have 2 kittens (M&F) less than 3 mo's. The (F) ears @ times stays cool to the touch especially when she seems not feeling that well or want eat @ times? then after a while her ears will turn back warm? It makes me wonder is something going on w/her? the (m) stays warm all the time?

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  • Lindsay ColbertLindsay Colbert Member Posts: 376
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    Like most other animals cats' ears are considered extremities- a far point from our hearts and the central body heat in our torso. Unlike our feet or the ends of our tails our ears are very thin with very little insulating fur so they are the first thing to get cold! Because of that the tips of our ears are not a reliable indicator of our true body temperature. You should be concerned if our body feels at all cool or exceptionally warm and then the only way to know for sure is the old (well-lubricated!) thermometer in the bum! But if her head and body feel okay and she's not acting sick she'll probably appreciate it if you spare her the bum thermometer! Bring it up with her vet when you take her in to get fixed in the next few weeks- they should be almost big enough now and in 1-2 months' time she'll be old enough to get pregnant- Yikes! Youngsters also recover from the surgery more quickly than older kittens and adult cats. Woohoo! That means more time to play!
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