My cat hates young boys and hides under the bed! Help!

Emma PickardEmma Pickard FranklinMember Posts: 1
My Cat is 10 months old, he hates my little brothers Friends. (who are like 8) and love all females,above the age of. He acts weird around my dad. But, He will sit next to him (on the other side of the love seat) and rub his cheek against the bill of my dads cap. I feel really bad about having my brothers friends around him . Please help

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  • Lindsay ColbertLindsay Colbert Member Posts: 376
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    It sounds like your kitty didn't have a lot of consistently positive experiences with young boys in his first 3 months, or has had some traumatic encounters with them since then. From now on, your best options to help him moving forward is to make sure your brother's friends (or any strangers) leave him be if he's hiding from them and supervise and make sure they are calm, quiet, and gentle with him if he get brave enough comes to out to meet them. Food bribery helps, too! Just don't spoil his diet. I grew up around all females and had an irrational distrust of men but over time have come to love my new human "father" as much as I love the women in the household. It just takes time to build trust as long as there are consistent positive interactions. It sounds like he already likes your dad if he rubs his cheeks on his cap- that's our way of saying, "I like this, this is great. This makes me happy. This is totally *my* great person/thing!"
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