Male and Female Persian Kittens

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I have 2 twins, 1 year old now. One is Male other is female. We have not spayed or neutered them. I wanted to know what are the advantages of spaying and neutering them? Do i need to do both of them? Plus also inform me of the issues if i decide to not spay or neuter my cats. What sort of problems would i face when my kittens start mating? I was planning on breeding them but unfortunately do not have alot of time and money to give to these little guys. Please advice !

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Spaying prevents ovarian and uterine cancer & pyometra and reduces the risk of breast cancer.In the end, you get a happier healthier girl. Not sure about the health benefits for a male but it does help reduce territorial marking so your home won't smell like pee. I have never been to a home with an intact breeding male that didn't smell like cat pee no matter how elegant and clean the home appeared to be. Persians can be difficult to breed because of their large heads. If you are not financially prepared to deal with an emergency c-section or other health risks for the Mom, it is not a good idea to breed. Most breeders do not make much profit if they are properly caring for their cats.Unless you show your cats and they have some special traits that would benefit the breed by having kittens with these traits, then Spay & Neuter is the right thing to do. I personally would never breed because I would not trust people to take good care of my babies and I would keep them all. ;)
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