Why & how did my black cat's hair turn white/black pepper colored and coarse instead of soft?

In May of 2009, my long-haired black cat (with 3 legs) almost died of a urinary tract blockage. He was in severe stress for 3 days until he had a PU surgery that basically made him a girl. Over the last few months as his hair continues to grow back in, it is coming in white/silver. In addition, his entire body of hair is turning a white/silver color within the black hair. He now looks peppered. He is only 3. Why did this happen? If I shave him will it grow back black? I normally shave him in the summer anyways but didn't this year due to his illness. Are there vitamins I should give him to help? It's no longer soft hair. It's kind of coarse.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I don't think anyone knows for sure why a cat's fur will occasionally change texture or color. It may have something to do with the meds. Delilah, after she was shaved, started showing some light grey fur on her sides and stomach area, and some silver fur throughout her body. A friend's cat who was on chemo had his fur change from Russian Blue grey to almost tortise-shell in color. I've also heard of people who have lost their hair and when it grows back, it's curly if it was straight or straight if it was curly and/or a different color from the original entirely. I don't think shaving will change his fur back to black and shaving is drastic and can be stressful for the cat. I don't think there are any supplements that will change cat's fur color. You can try grooming him to soften up his fur, but he may just simply now be a white/silver kitty.
  • Maxine NemowMaxine Nemow Member Posts: 1
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    I don't have an answer for the cause of this, except to note that I also have a long haired, black male cat who also had urinary blockage & had the same surgery. He is now having the salt/pepper fur growing in where it was shaved. I also see that the fur that wasn't shaved is now grey nearer the skin & black at the ends like it used to always be. He is not quite 3 years old. The only thing is that he had some hair loss on his legs shortly before the blockage, which we thought was a food allergy. I have heard that kidney issues can cause white hair. Not sure. Will inquire with vet at next visit. My poor cat nearly didn't make it. He's been dealing with this for a few months now & still spends 5 minutes in the litter box, just to pee a little bit. It's going to be a long road to recovery. I just hope he will be healthy again. I hope your kitty is well, too!
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