Saw a flea on my kitten, Question about flea medicine...

I just adopted a kitten yesterday. She (Tink) is about one month old. I saw a flea scurry across the under part of her leg and one near her behind, thats it. I have flea medicine,the kind you put between their shoulder blades. It's a 3 month treatment, but I only have 2 tubes, which would be a 2 month treatment. Anyway, it says not to use it until the kitten is 12 weeks and she's about 6 weeks. I have 2 other kittens who are 3 months old and I dont want the fleas to spread or get worse. Will it really hurt the kitten to put it on now or put half the tub or just alittle of it, or is it a big no no? i've never used flea medication before and dont know its effects, except that it kills fleas and larvae. Any advice would help. Are there any home remedies that are safer? I just dont want to wait 6 wks and all THREE of the cats have fleas...but if i have to i guess i have to, haha, THANKS!

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Tomorrow morning, if you don't already have a vet on board, find one. Since you have 3 cats, you need to have a vet you can call in emergencies and a vet to take your babies to for vaccinations, spay/neuter and for just general questions. The flea mediacation you buy in pet stores can be poisonous to little ones. You need the counsel of a professional vet. If you are not "up" on what you can use for these babies, you should get the advice of a vet first. If you use the wrong thing it might prove poisonous and kill them. Call a vet tomorrow.
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Personally, I only use flea treatments provided by my vet because they all use chemicals that scare me. Revolution is great because it kills all sort of parasites and even treats worms, which kittens need to be treated for anyway. That product is Rx only but you can start at 8 weeks with the kitten dose. I would treat the other 2 cats regardless of whether you see fleas on them or not. But call the VET before treating the little one. My little girl Desi got fleas coming here on a plane last year and I never saw a single flea, just the itchiness & scabs on the other cats. My vet had me treat everybody for 3 months with Revolution and I also treated my house with a fogger. If what you have is anything other than Frontline or Advantage (such as Hartz or other junk you get at Wal-Mart). Please do not use it at all on ANY of them. The ones you can only buy at the vet or at pet supply stores are the only ones that are safe and effective.
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