How long will it take for my new kitten to adjust to its new diet? problems with diarrhea

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I just recently took home an 8 week old kitten from our local pet store. On the first day she had a solid stool but for the week that we have had her it's been nothing but diarrhea, once to the point of being complete liquid. Right now we are feeding her friskies kitten formula dry food, different from what was given at the store. She has been de-wormed once and though we've searched her stool just in case, it appears to be worm free. I called a vet upon seeing blood in her stool, and was told that it was probably a combination of food + stress of adjusting. However, it has been a week and the problem persists even though we have not made any further adjustments to her diet. Just how long does it take for a kitten her age to adapt? Is it too late to call the pet store and switch back to what she was originally fed, or would I only be doing further damage? She eats and drinks as per normal and is energetic, but I'm concerned for her health as she looks a bit malnourished.

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    There are intestinal parasites that are not visible with just your eyes and are not killed with the standard dewormer. Things like Giardia and coccidia need a microscope. If this persists, I would have your vet test a stool sample. It is unfortunate that you were not told to switch the food gradually by blending new with old for the first few weeks but now that the damage is done and her tummy is upset, I would not switch back. Although Friskies is not a very good quality so if they were feeding her something better, you might want to consider that after you get the current issue straightened out. However a tiny kitten can go downhill quickly and all this diarrhea is not good for her health. Has she started her FVRCP vaccines yet? If not, then she needs to see the vet for that anyway so you should probably schedule that so your vet can have a look at her and you can discuss the diarrhea.
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    Definitely a good idea to get her checked out by her new vet. Unfortunately when small local pet shops are "selling" kittens that young (probably too young) they typically just take free kittens from someone who let their cat breed, which is usually someone who hasn't kept up to date on veterinary care, and as far as health care goes they often just get a cheap de-worming treatment and are tossed right into the display cage. You should definitely talk about her food, too. It's good that you are using a kitten formula but their first few months are so crucial you may want to spring for something a little better than Friskies, especially since she has digestive issues and will hopefully be having a spay surgery in a month or so. Now is a great time to ask about that as well- kittens as young as 5 months can get pregnant and studies have shown kittens fixed before reaching sexual maturity (5-6 months) heal faster.
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    When I was adopted, I came home with worm and I got a very sever diarrhea. Mommy did the de-worming program, but (like Allie said) it didn’t work because I got Giardia. Mommy brought me to my vet and she prescribed me a de-worming medicine specific for Giardia and a probiotic medicine to help my intestinal flora. Although you can’t see the Giardia, one of the main symptoms of it is some blood filaments at the poop and diarrhea. Giardia is a very serious worm and you should go see a vet. Probably, if it was just the food changing, the diarrhea wouldn’t be like you described and it wouldn’t have blood. The Giardia treatment was 14 days and the probiotic medicine was 7 days. Just after the second day of treatment I didn’t have diarrhea any more. After 4-5 days I was totally fine. Purr
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