What is wrong with my kitty?

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I just took my kitty, 15 months old, to the vet yesterday because he is really thin. He is very tall and long with a long tail. The vet found what feels like BB's under his neck skin, but wasn't too alarmed. He said he's probably just an active thin cat, but not too skinny. Today he just threw up a clear foamy liquid and has been sleeping since. I am very worried about him.

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  • Lindsay ColbertLindsay Colbert Member Posts: 376
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    It's not uncommon for cats to be long, tall, and naturally thin and if your vet was pretty sure the lumps under his skin were BBs and they weren't hurting anything it makes sense not to mess with it and put him through surgery. However, if he's thrown up since the vet checked him out at it was foamy- not typical every day hairball or mildly upset stomach kitty throw-up- and *especially* if he seems to be fatigued you need to let your vet know right away. The throwing up and lethargy could be something serious but unrelated or could lead your vet to consider another diagnosis for the thinness and the BB sized lumps. Depending on where they felt the lumps hyperthyroidism may have been considered but not tested for because of his young age and lack of other symptoms. Until you can consult your vet again keep an eye on him and make sure he's eating. If he doesn't eat for more than 18 hours consider it an emergency and get him to a 24 hour vet.
  • Amber MayAmber May HarareMember Posts: 60
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    I can relate to what you are saying. My Johnie, though 2.5 years old now, was always thin, long and tall kitty, and his tail is not only long but also thin-looking. Even now he is still like that. I also took him to vets on many occasions worrying about this, but after inspections they always said that he is okay and some cats are just this way. I de-worm and use a poor-on against ticks and fleas regularly, do you? I have five of kitties, and another one also has that same small bb under her jaw, in skin, but not attached to anything, and it's not painful. Vets said not to worry about it, but just watch her in-case she shows herself sick. Yet another kitty of mine also at time throws up some foamy liquid, but that I know why. Does your kitty go outside? Mine do. And that one often will bite on a frog or a lizzard or some insect that she should have stayed away from. That's what causes those vomits. But you are right to take him to vets if you worry. Better be safe than sorry.
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