why is cat going outside of litter box

about once a week 2yo cat will crap outside of litter box. 2 liter boxes changed every day. Only one cat in home, no other pets. No medical issues per vet. It has never peed outside of liter box. please help, very frustrated. I've tried moving the liter boxes, wash them out 1x a week, scolding, praising when she does it right.... contemplating returning her to the shelter.. I have had her 9 months and the behavior has not changed. Otherwise a great cat.

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  • Kellyann CookeKellyann Cooke Member Posts: 373
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    Don't give up on your kitty - litter box issues can be frustrating but there is almost always a reason. Are you sure it's not medical? Vets make mistakes you know. What is the consistency of her bowel movement? Is she actually pooping outside the box or is it falling off her tush - is the fur too long back there, is she dragging her butt across the floor? These are things you need to observe. As far as moving the boxes - I wouldn’t - cats are notorious creatures of habit. When she does go outside the box - how do you clean it up? Do you use an enzymatic cleaner to remove the scent completely? If she can still smell it she will think it's okay to continue to eliminate there. And lastly - don't scold her when she has an accident - it's not her - high praise when she uses the box and just ignore her when she doesn't. A little patience and time should be all you need. Pawmail me if you want to discuss it – good luck.
  • Emma RaperEmma Raper Member Posts: 22
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    I had a similar experience with my old cat and like yourself vet checks came back ok. When I took more time to observe her habits I discovered that Bubbles was in fact IN the litter tray when she was doing this - as we all know cats are creatures of habit and Bubbles always had to go round the edge of her litter tray and that's why these accidents were happening, I went on to invest in a litter tray with a lid and noticed this problem of mess outside the litter tray soon stopped. Please don't give up on your kitty. Do you know anything about the kitty's past, as it may be an indicator to it's current behaviour.
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