How do I get my cat to stop playing so aggressively? Also, how do I get him to stay inside my condo

Denile AultDenile Ault AnchorageMember Posts: 1
I've adopted a stray, clawed, neutered male cat from animal control 3 weeks ago. The vet approximated his age at 4 years. So far he has adjusted well to my home, but he plays aggressively. He'll grab hold of my forearm with his claws and bite my hand and wrist while simultaneously kicking my forearm with his back legs. If I try to break free he gets more intense. He purrs throughout though, which makes me think he's playing, but his eyes are dilated and his ears are back and flat. Since he was picked up as a stray, I'm worried about him running away and not coming home. Whenever the door opens he tries earnestly to get out. Luckily my condo is in a secure building so he doesn't get far, and he always lets me pick him up and bring him back inside without a struggle. I'm not opposed to having him be an outside cat, I just don't know if I can trust him.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Thank you for giving this guy a home. Because he was picked up by animal control, there really is no way to tell what his past was like. He may have been abused or neglected. When he was a kitten, whoever owned him may have taught him to play aggressively. Since he is showing such aggression when you try to play with him, he's not playing but showing defensive behavior. Hands may not have been instruments of love and pleasure to him during his life but may have caused him pain and fear. Know that outside cats have short lives and face many dangers, and yes, there is a good chance he will not return. Try playing with him with "hands-off" toys such as feather teasers and fishing poles. Cats also like balls they can bat around. Lizzie's favorite toys are tops from pill bottles! If he becomes overly stimulated, stop playing with him and don't turn him over on his back which will result in the "kangaroo kicking". Give him his space until he realizes this is his home and you are a friend.
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