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Ok so i've tried frontline on my cats, didn't help much.. it worked at first but they keep getting more fleas esp the adult ones i dont understand it. They are INSIDE cats and we live on the 3rd floor. All i can t hink is they are coming from an outside source. I dont understand why they are only on the two cats and we haven't had any on us or seem them around the house. I just don't get where they keep appearing from???? Thank you!

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    If you have a flea infestation on your animals, the best way to handle it is this: continue to use the Frontline on both cats. Take the most powerful vacuum you have add some flea powder to the bag or cup and do the rugs, furniture, drapes, etc. Then, take the bag outside and throw it out. If it is bagless, rinse out the cup with soap and water. Ask your vet for a spray "bomb", take the cats and your BF, set the bomb (or bombs if the vet advised more than one) and leave for the morning or afternoon. I'm surprised you haven't noticed them or gotten bitten. But, this is the best way to rid your home of the tiny livestock. Good luck!
  • C- M>C- M> RaynhamMember Posts: 5
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    A single flea walked in on a shoe can cause an infestation. Fleas live in 4 stages: Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult. Adults are only 5% of population nested in carpeting and on pets, the rest are in the juvenile form. Do more research. Knowledge is power. You need to declare war on the critters to be rid of them. This calls for full blown action on all fronts at the same time: First, use Off with Deet on your ankles. They hate it. 1- Cats. Treat them with a good flea treatment like Frontline. Use Capstar to give them temporary relief from live biting adults. 2- Wash Everything. Clothes, linens, Any place the cats may have hopped up on and dropped a live flea or egg. 3- Vacuum everything daily for a month. This picks up 80% of the fleas and eggs. 4- Spray the whole house with a flea spray with an IGR. Repeat weekly. Bombing is last resort. Keep at it. It's tough, your job is to make it near impossible for the buggers to live happily in your home. Good luck! I'm also fighting them.
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