Is there a "cat whisperer" in the midwest? I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Shyloh is "thinking outside the box" with her poop. She's done this since she was a tiny kitten, off and on. She is originally from a hoarder's household, we suspect that's how this got started. The vet can find no medical reason for this-and she uses all the other boxes, she only leaves her poop OUTSIDE one. Shyloh's person is blind, so she is having to avoid that area of her apartment until her care provider or a friend can come and address the...issue. And the smell and stains have drawn warnings from management-this must be solved, or one human and two kitties will be homeless. Shyloh's person has asked me to ask the Catster community if they know of a Cat Whisperer near enough to Kalamazoo, MI to help us...the nearest she's been able to find is in TN. Any help or advice you can give would be appreciated. Please be quick, if you can.

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    Some animal whisperers can do their thing over the phone. I would be tempted to ask the vet for an animal behaviorist, one who specializes in cats. If they know of none, you can always do research on the 'net or call a local shelter who may have one on staff. I think Shyloh was "messed up" in her former life with the hoarder too. Shyloh's person's caretaker or friend may want to rent a carpet cleaner from Lowe's monthly (it's only $25.00 and is of professional quality.) This is what I do. We have 5 animals including 2 senior dogs and our carpets MUST be cleaned that often. Using an enzyme or oxy based cleaner can also help, but it must be left on the stain for 1/2 hour to work. Other than that, the only option is to cage Shyloh to retrain her to use her box. The one box she doesn't use may not be to her liking-in the wrong location. Have you tried moving that one box somewhere else or buying a new box? Good luck and purrs. We hope all works out for the best for Shyloh and her person.
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