A stray cat started coming to our house, she was pregnant?

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A stray cat started coming to our house, she was pregnant. she was expectionally clean. Like she was some-one pet. So we gave her a place to get her kittens. But after having two beautiful kittens. There is a red coloring on her back side. I am worried what should i do help clean her or will see clean it herself? Also I am afraid to touch her what should I do? and after how much time can we move her and the kittens?

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  • sharron taylorsharron taylor dagenhamMember Posts: 21
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    give her time to clean herself up. You can move her as soon as the kittens have suckled from her as long as she sees them coming with her. put them in a box together, and move them somewhere quiet and warm. Mum needs to be fed 3-4 times a day while she is feeding. Make sure that the food you feed her has all the vitimins she needs to make her milk, and replace what she is giving to her kittens. I foster mums and their babies from birth until they are found new homes by the animal charity i do it for in the UK. Try to be patient and not let the little ones leave their mum until they are 8-12 weeks old. Size is also a consideration. They must be about 3lbs or above. Mine are usually 3.1/2- 4lbs before they leave for a new home. They are also wormed fleed, and vacininated,+mum is nuetered, so she doesnt have any more.The kittens are also taken back to be neutered and spayed at 12-16 weeks. It is not an easy job that you have taken on,it takes a lot of love and care. good luck to you.
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    Actually between the time, I posted the question and u gave the answer. There were three more kittens. Total of 5. So now we don't have enough place for 5 kitties. But when do we, or should we move them to a shelter now? Yeah you were right she is again clean now.
  • Lindsay ColbertLindsay Colbert Member Posts: 376
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    The best environment for newborn kittens for their future suitability as pets is in a home with someone who can spend a little time with them each day and when they get a little older bring friends over to see them to get them used to different people. Strict no-kill shelters know this and will be less likely to accept them if you aren't willing to foster them through age 8-12 weeks, and open-admission shelters will probably deem them unhealthy or say the mom is not social enough and euthanize them the day you drop them off as it's usually too much trouble for people in an already overloaded system where they prioritize healthy, social cats that are already fixed. Fostering them yourself is definitely the best thing you can do, and ask a good no kill shelter if they will take any kittens you can't find homes for after 12 weeks. I hope you'll consider keeping the mom cat as she will probably be the least adoptable of the bunch and you did already welcome her into your home.
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