Is it possible for a cat to develop seizures?

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My seven year old male cat what we thought were small TIAs, but after seeing him this morning he lost control of his bowels and began drooling. All I could do was blow in his face to promote some increased oxygen and keep him comfortable. He does not have tremors only meows very low and pupils become very dilated, The vet has him on a baby ASA every 3 days should I continue this?

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  • Kellyann CookeKellyann Cooke Member Posts: 373
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    First of all if your kitty has new symptoms corresponding to a known problem he needs to be seen by the vet. Secondly I would get a second opinion. What is the underlying cause for the TIA's did the vet ever explain that? Don't try and diagnose this at home. Seizure disorders can come and go for a variety of reasons - they all need to be explored by a vet and there are medications that can eliminate the distress your kitty is going through during these episodes. Get back to the vet - or a new vet. Good luck.
  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    I once had a cat that developed seizures at five years old. She would usually have them in her bed and would urinate all over. She then would get up and eat and drink like crazy, be restless for about an hour, and then go back to sleep for hours on end. My cat's seizures were idiopathic (of unknown origin) and she was on phenobarbitol for one weekend until the vet called and told me he didn't know what the seizures were caused by. I took her off the medication and she had seizures at least once a month for the rest of her life. I don't agree with the baby asprin every three days - never heard of this! I would get another opinion and see if your cat needs to be treated with some other medication. Just make sure your cat is never near stairs when he has just had a seizure. You need to keep him safe, comfortable and quiet after a seizure occurs. I wish you and your kitty the best! My prayers are with you!
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