My cat started having raspy intakes of breath

ive had my cat since i was 2 and i am 14 now and he is always coughing and brings up some saliva.. recently this night he started panting unlike the normal. this was not like hardcore panting it was more of a raspy sound every breath. I love this cat i have grown up with him. i dont want him to die not now. what might it be? will he die? hes sitting on the couch right now just sitting there like always. he is a old cat and he is a long hair himilaien persion..... i know all about cats since they are my favorite animal i study them, but in none of my research have i encounterd this,so please help me... thank you

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I'm so sorry your kitty isn't feeling well. Unfortunately, it's not possible for us, even if we were veterinary professionals, to diagnose or suggest treatment over a computer for him. When an animal, like a human, gets older, he or she needs to see his doctor more often. 12 isn't ancient for a cat as I've heard of kitties living to the age of 25. But, when a kitty of any age starts showing signs and symptoms of not being well, they need to go to a vet. Throw yourself on the mercy of your parents and beg them to take him to a vet. Offer to do meaningful chores around the house to help pay for his care. You can even babysit or do some other work after school. Budget the funds you do have and offer to help pay for his care. Even if you could research and find out what's wrong with him, you couldn't (and shouldn't) try to treat it yourself. He needs to go to a vet. Good luck and purrs. Hope he's feeling better soon!
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