Are garlic pills safe for cats?

My co workers boyfriend recomended i give garlic pills to my cats for flea control since the fleas are out of control and nothing else is working. Is this safe and if so do I give them a pill a day?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    The only sure way to get rid of fleas is to use Frontline or some other drops you get from your vet. Even if it works, I doubt if garlic will kill the fleas that are already there. It will just repel them and they'll take up residence on you. After you use the Frontline on all your animals, you'll need to wash rugs and bedding (yours and hers). Power vacuum your home including all furniture after you put flea powder in the bag. Then dispose of the bag because the fleas will crawl back out. You'll also need to get a "flea bomb" from your vet and spray any areas (including your mattress if she sleeps with you) to kill the fleas not on her. If you're diligent about doing all these things, you should be flea-free in a few days.
  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattleMember Posts: 2,252
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    Garlic is toxic to cats. Dont use it! Izzy had really good advice. Good luck on the flea treatment.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
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    Garlic, onions and chives can cause a type of anemia in cats. DO NOT USE GARLIC. Tell your co-worker to not give advice if he/she doesn't know their info!!!
  • Calindy MannCalindy Mann Member Posts: 173
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    You can also put a flea collar in the vaccum bag, and If you use a flea bomb be sure to carefully read the directions first. Some kinds require that all people and pets stay out of the house for 24 hours because of the toxins in the spray and to throw away any food that was left uncovered during the spraying.
  • lyndsey cashlyndsey cash Member Posts: 11
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    it is an "old wives tale" or "urban myth" that garlic discourages fleas in dogs and cats.onions and garlic are,in high enough doses,toxic and even fatal to cats and dogs,as there is a substance in them that promotes hemolysis,or the destruction of red blood cells.(not in humans,just in pets).please use a safe alternative such as frontline or advantage.some people wont use any flea meds on their cats.i was one of them,till one of mine almost died of "flea anemia."so much for being 'green" in this case! i flea bombed my house,started using frontline year ' my home and pets are completely healthy and took a few months to get it all under control,but everything is fine now.good luck!
  • irina shermanirina sherman Member Posts: 2
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    Even though I agree with everyone that garlic is potentially fatal to cats, I do not agree that pesticides and poisons are the best solution to your problem. I am also currently experiencing a flea infestation and have tried Frontline and Advantage. NEITHER worked. I discovered from the reviews of these chemical solutions that I am not the only one. In doing my own research for alternative ( and healthier) ways of dealing with this problem, I have discovered some things that seem to have promise: 1. Diatamascous Earth (I think that's how it's spelled)-a powder consisting of microscopic fossils which dehydrate and consequently kill the flea 2.Brewer's Yeast-both edible (usually one teaspoon in wet food daily) and as a powder for the coat 3. A mixture of Borax ( found at Target, etc.) and salt sprayed onto carpet, bed, etc. Wait half an hour, then vacuum. Proportion: 3 parts borax, one part salt. This should kill the fleas in the carpet. I am in the process of trying all of this also.
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