Sick seeming cat + blood in diarrhea?

My kitten is three months old, almost four. He's been healthy the whole time we've had him which has been since March 4th. The last few days he hasn't been very active and has just been sleeping a lot which is abnormal for him. He was going to the bathroom frequently the past few days but it wasn't diarrhea until yesterday. About a half hour ago when I was changing the litter I saw that there was blood in his diarrhea and dripping a bit on the side of the litter box. It looked light and kind of watery. He got a Rabies shot last Thursday if that could have anything to do with it. (More details here: I prefer Catster Answers to Yahoo Answers but I put the question on there as well so I could add more details because there's a limit here.) It's late so we can't call the vet right this second but we do plan on calling in the morning. I was just wondering what it could be, if it could be serious, etc. Thanks. ♥

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    IMHO, it would be a better idea for you to not rely on generic computer posts/answers to diagnose your sick kitten. Blood coming out of anywhere is not normal, and you say your kitten is becoming lethargic as well. I hope that by now, you have contacted your vet who can do a hands-on exam in real time, diagnose and treat your baby because we can do none of any of that here. We send purrs and pawpats to your baby that he recovers quickly and completely.
  • Arna CohenArna Cohen Member Posts: 565
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    It's essential to get your kitten to the vet asap. Diarrhea, no matter what the cause, can be fatal because kittens get dehydrated very quickly.
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