Help! My cat has begun to urinate outside of her box.

She has never done this until now, the only thing that we can think of that has changed is that I have recently become pregnant. Could she sense that? Also we do not have central air but only a window air conditioner in our room, we leave the door cracked every night for her so we don't lock her out. Could that be why shes acting out? The doors not open? Help!!! Please I have no idea what to do!

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Cats stop using the box for 2 main reasons, 1 is stress and the other is that they are ill or have a bladder infection. Your first course of action is to take her to her vet to have her urine tested. If that's clear, then it's quite possible she is upset by the changes in you and in the weather. Have you recently moved her box or changed litter? Remember, b/c you are pregnant you should not be cleaning the box for your own health. Make sure hubby cleans the box daily and scrubs it out weekly. Most cats don't like messy boxes. Your cat may be getting subliminal signals that you're pregnant, but more than likely, if you aren't feeling well she's reacting to that. Have hubby clean up any urine spots with an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle (pet stores). Follow the directions as it has to be left on the spots for at least a half hour. When you bring her to the vet, ask them for their advice as well on what to do.
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