I have a 15 month old spayed female who has started to urinate on chairs and this morning urinated i

This behaviour started approximately 4 weeks ago, and up until today, I was not sure which cat was responsible. I have not seen either cat straining in the litter boxes, which are kept clean. We have just added a third litter box today.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Any time there is a sudden change in behavior such as your cat has shown, we always suggest a trip to the vet. Your cat needs to have her urine tested to make certain she doesn't have a bladder infection or UTI. Cats who have these cannot control their urinating. They will urinate anywhere they happen to be--the urge is strong. There are no real symtoms of a UTI other than inappropriate urinating. When cats "mark", they will usually use walls or doors to mark out their territories. When you visit the vet, if her tests come back normal, then ask them what their advice is. Also, make sure you thoroughly clean any spots she's created with an enzymatic cleaner, following the directions, to destroy any scent that she will return to and use again and again. Adding more litter boxes is a good idea, but first you need to make sure there is no health reason for her inappropriate urination.
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