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diane saffrondiane saffron bucksMember Posts: 12
my cat has kidney failure and has just been prescribed double dose of Fortekor. she pee's everywhere and drinks out of the tap all day long. how long do cats live that have this? i'd like to be prepaired and wonder if its months or yerars? she's ten years old.

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  • Susan Gottesman LVTSusan Gottesman LVT Williamsville, New YorkMember Posts: 13
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    First let me say I am so sorry! One of the downfalls of having pets is that we inevitably live longer then they do, but sharing your life with a beloved pet makes it all worthwhile. I can't begin to try to guess how long your kitty has. There are so many factors. Talk to your vet and ask them what stage kidney failure, if it is acute or chronic, and what the prognosis is. Your Veterinarian shouldn't have any problem taking the time to discuss all of this with you. Ask about things to watch for and how to know it's time. Call today, your veterinary hospital is not only your pets doctor, but should also be there to support you as well! <3
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
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    With treatment, cats can live with kidney disease....but every cat is different. Some cats can remain stable and live for years and for others the disease progresses faster. There is a lot of help & info available online. I'd suggest doing some research so you can learn more about this disease and what those numbers mean when Mia gets bloodwork done. This is a really helpful site that I recommend:, and there is also a very helpful yahoo group forum associated with this website that you can join. Feeding low phosphorus wet food, sub-q fluids (when necessary) and other supplements are all part of the treatment for CKD kitties. There is info about all of this on the website I linked. It used to be more commonly known as CRF (chronic renal failure), but now it's more commonly referred to as CKD or chronic renal disease, or just kidney disease since cats aren't always in kidney failure when their kidneys start to weaken. Best wishes to you...
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