I took my pregnant cat to the vet 10 days before she was due, & she had no worms. Now she has worms

I took my pregnant cat to the vet 10 days before she was due. I was told there were no signs of parasites in her stool sample. Now the kittens are almost two weeks old, and I found full grown roundworms in her stool! Is it possible for the worms to mature that fast, or is it more likely they were missed during the test? Also, is it safe to deworm her while she is nursing or do I need to wait six more weeks for her to wean the kittens? She is losing weight quickly and eating all of the time. The kittens are nice and fat. Finally, I know the meds will pass through the milk to the kitties, so will I need to treat them and the momma after they are weaned?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Take a stool sample to the vet for testing to make sure they are roundworms. The vet can prescribe worming medication for the mom and the kittens, since it's a sure bet they have worms too, and this could be why they're so fat. Remember that nursing momma cats need to eat more calories while they're nursing. You can even feed her kitten food. Don't give any meds without the vet's advice.
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