How do I stop my 16 yr old male part Siamese from pooping on the floor instead of the box? He pees i

I've bought new cat boxes and tried different litter, but nothing has worked. The box is cleaned daily and he pees in it without a problem, so I'm at a loss. He usually goes on the bath mats in front of the sink or toilet. So I picked up the mats and he still goes in the same spots without the mats, even after scrubbing the floor with bleach alternative. He's been to the vet recently for a check up and the vet said he was very healthy, but was on the "high end of normal" for hyperthyroidism and a little tartar on his teeth. We do have another cat in the house, but they've been living together for over 12 yrs and have always been friendly and play, run, etc. together regularly. He gets LOTS of attention, special cat milk for older cats, quality food and there is almost always someone around except when we're at work. I know he's old, so is it possible he's getting senile?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It's absolutely possible that your little old gent has the feline version of dementia or even Alzheimer's. In animals, it usually manifests itself in confusion-like behavior. I can tell you though, that Delilah is about 9 (she's a rescue so no one knows for sure)and if I don't keep an inch of water in the tub, she'll poo in there. She also pees on the bathroom rug every time I put it down and I wash it with bleach. I believe it's purely habit more than anything else. They say that cats stop using the box for health or stress issues, but since you said you've taken him to the vet and he checks out, it could just be habit by now. Because we don't speak "cat", it's impossible to tell if, because of the elevated thyroid, he just might not be feeling well. It's also possible he doesn't like the new litter, so try changing back. In any case, if I wash the floor and want to keep Delilah out of that bathroom, I just close the door.
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
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    If he's 16 and his T4 (thyroid test done on basic bloodwork) was at the high end of normal, he could very well have hyperthyroidism. The T4 is not a completely accurate indicator of thyroid disease. You can get a "free T4" (the name of the test) or I believe there is another test to get more accurate results (a scan). Plus, we have read that older cats shouldn't have such high T4 values, even if it looks like it's in the normal range. Here's a link with some more info: If he does have this disease, it might be a reason he's pooping out of the box.
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