My Boyfriend's 2 cats are creating a lot of stress in our relationship.

I have a 7 yr old Boston terrier and my boyfriend has two adult cats about the same age. My BF moved in with me 7 months ago, along with cats. For about 6 months they have mostly stayed in one of the guest bedrooms. Recently we've let them roam freely in the house and now my dog is confined to our bedroom and bathroom. The cats have soiled the guest bedroom with vomit and we have shampooed the rug with no problems. BF says it's because of switch in their diet. He's only switched the pet food this last month. After cleaning the room I find my dresser legs have been scratched to the pulp. Now that they are roaming freely they are starting to scratch my couch and ottoman. I sent him a pic at work when I discovered it, I got no response. Then when I tried to talk to him about buying No scratch and Sticky Paws he agrees, but then gets defensive and calls me a tyrant, saying I'm always trying to modify their behavior. I'm not a big cat person, but I tolerate them, but I don't "love" them.

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  • Natasha PhilpNatasha Philp CeresMember Posts: 189
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    Theses kitties are a big part of your boyfriends life,its a strange new home,they are maybe a bit stressed and trying to mark your home as thier own,please research introductions between cats and dogs, scratch pole/pads and pop it infront of the place they would scratch your furniture-cats need and love to scratch.Make sure you have one litter tray per cat,and one extra they must be scooped and cleaned regulary,maybe best your boyfriend gets them to a vet for advice on diet seeing as they are being sick,please try a Feliway(Tm) diffuser,they help to relax kitty and ease any stress related behaviour,worked wonders in my home,you dont need to modify behaviour,just modify the surroundings a bit to accomodate for your new housemates, try to understand that your boyfriend is going to be very defensive of his cats,always approach calmly,try to get to know your new housmates too:
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