Cat that had anal glands expressed 2 days ago, now diahrea...??

So Sept 18 I had my cats anal glands expressed. Was given antibiotics, and cream. Sept19. I came home from work to her sitting in the windowsill panting. And really itching her bum. She had some diahrea today. So I rushed her to my vets. He said its probably the anibiotics given, making her tummy sore, and giving her the runs. I guess the runs is irritating the glands?? So he said to stop the antibiotics and cream and he gave her a pain relief/anti imflam shot. He also gave probiotics. If any changes, back she goes tonight or tomorrow morning for xrays. I will be up all night monitering her. She finally had a snooze. She got up and did the a-walk. I guess shes just that irritated. A few minutes later she ate some canned food. So any thoughts would be great. Oh and she is almost 2 years old. Indoor only. Sept21 still the runs but not alot of volume. Eating and drinking good. Breathing seems to be better.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    About all you can do is stay in touch with your vet. This being Friday, you may want to ask what you should do and who you should call if she's in any distress this weekend and they're closed. I know that antibiotics can be nasty on the gut, even for us humans. Feed her very small amounts as often as she wants them. This is not a pleasant experience-it's like hemmorhoids in humans. You'll need to monitor her very carefully in the future to get her in if the glands become impacted again. Hope she feels better fast!
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