My six year old cat won't let me sleep at night. HELP!

My boyfriend and I just moved in together and six year old tabby cat Simon came, too. We've actually had a pretty traumatic move, as we had to move twice due to a flood. Simon was obviously just as traumatized by this as we were. We now live in a junior one bedroom and Simon will not let us sleep. When we let him in the bed with us, he climbs on us incessantly. When we don't let him in the bed, he paces the apartment and meows and keeps trying to climb in the bed. I've taken the advice of other members on this site to play with him, feed him closer to bedtime, etc, but it's not working. He's getting older and is less interested in playing. Out of desperation, we have tried crating him overnight (he broke out of it), putting him in the bathroom (he somehow opened the door), buying a shinto screen (he knocks it over, climbs under, etc). I love him dearly but I'm at my wits end and it's causing friction between my boyfriend and I. We never have problems, so this is big. Thanks!

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I would be willing to bet that Simon is VERY stressed out right now. Secluding him probably just adds to that stress. Since he seems to be so beside himself, I would look for a vet in your area and take him in. Vets are great behavior counsellors as well as doctors and the vet may be able to prescribe a short course of anti-anxiety meds and advise you on how to work with Simon to overcome his fears. He's not doing it to annoy you. He's scared, upset and needs reassurance that you still love him, which of course, you do.
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