Spayed Female Cat Spraying When We go Out of Town.

Hello, My spayed female cat sprays any time she suspects I'm going out of town. For example, my boyfriend and I are going camping tomorrow night and just brought in our packs to prepare. Little One (my sweet cat) walked around the packs and camping gear for a bit then walked over to an antique chest, lifted her tail and expelled the nasty stuff right on the chest. This is not the first time she's sprayed there and I have always done my best to clean it. She does not spray when we are at work during the day, only when she suspects we are going away. We always have a friend stop by to feed her and give her some attention when we're gone. I love her but she's driving me a bit crazy. Any advice on how to calm her and stop this behavior. Also, any tips for cleaning cat pee out of wood? Thank you, Meredith

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    First of all, if she hasn't been to the vet's,at least call them to ask if they want to check her for a urinary tract infection. I doubt if that's it, though, I believe she's reacting to stress and a "change" in behavior on your part as you prepare to go away. Lily was an outdoor cat and a champion sprayer. And our house was for sale. Not a good combination. When I caught her "in the act", I'd either spray over her head with a shot of water from a spray bottle or shake a soda can with pennies taped inside at her and loudly say "NO!" I also tried Feliway plugged in by her litter boxes and added 2 more litter boxes in parts of the house for her. As far as getting cat pee out of wood, I know time is of the essence as it will soak through and stain. You can ask at your local Big Box home store what they'd recommend or call an local antique dealer and describe the chest to them. It may have to be professionally sanded and refinished.
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