Do Pixie Bob cats pose the same danger of allergy to cats or are they alergy free.

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I am allergic to cats. Would I not be allergic to a Pixie Bob

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    I don't believe there is any less tendency for the Pixie Bob to produce an allergic reaction than any other cat. Eliminating allergens in your home is the first step. A thorough cleaning, even the furnace, is advisable. Cat dander tends to collect on soft surfaces such as carpeting, etc. If hardwood is not doable, make sure you or someone else vacuums very often. The cat must be kept clean and brushed. You can build up a resistance to cat dander. I did. But, it took a year or so. If I were you, I would speak with my doctor or allergist and ask how to go about accustoming yourself to a cat. It can be done, but like anything else, takes effort and determination. If your reactions to friends' cats are violent and immediate, I would reconsider adopting a cat. But if you do, I hope it all works out for you. Good luck with your search!


  • P PP P Member Posts: 1
    I am also allergic to cats, but wanted to get one for my spouse as a gift. I heard about Pixie Bobs and how they produce smaller amounts of Fel D 1. I decided to test it for myself, so I went and hung around at a breeder's for over an hour, petting and playing with the cats there. Ordinarily, if I so much as pet a cat, I'll feel the effects for quite some time. However, I suffered no ill effects from the Pixie-Bobs. We ended up not getting one, but not because of the allergens. While it is theoretically possible that either my usual reaction to cat dander or my lack of reaction in this case was psychosomatic, nonetheless the difference was sufficiently clear and noticeable that I do not consider myself allergic to Pixie-Bobs. Your mileage may vary. I would recommend that anyone interested in a supposedly hypoallergenic cat breed go and play with some at a breeder's. Get up close and cuddly, and see what happens.
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