My cat pees on our carpet and knows she is not supposed to.

Piper does not have any medical problems, we know it is behavioral. She is a wonderful cat except for this one problem. We don't want the smell to get any worse since we cannot afford a new carpet and it has already soaked into the floorboards. We just put down an old cat because he pooped on the basement floor his whole life, we don't want to get rid of the cat we got in place of him because of a similar problem (he was sick though, nothing we could do for him) We need any information that can help, we have tried all sorts of cat-repellants, she doesn't care. When we catch her peeing on the carpet, she goes wide-eyed and runs to hide. She does it about 10% of the time she needs to pee. We love our baby girl but now our dining room smells so bad, we need to eat in the living room. We also have a carpet in our basement that we keep closed off to the cats most of the time, but when we open it she is in there in two seconds flat and pees on it before we can run in there to catch her.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Have you had her examined specifically for a bladder infection? If not, you need to do this first. Also, carpeting and floorboards will hold the smell of urine no matter WHAT you do short of tearing up the carpeting and resanding and refinishing the floors. She is returning to those spots because she can smell her scent there. I'd enlist the help of a professional carpet/floor cleaner. Make sure her box is kept VERY clean and that she has more than one around the house so she always has one near. If your old cat pooped in the basement, he probably peed there too and she's covering his scent. Also, if she's not spayed, that needs to be done as that contributes to marking and house-soiling. Good luck! Call your vet and see what they advise.
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