My mom kept my cat when I moved and he's been pooping outside box and going after garbage

I adopted him from a very well known friend who helps abandoned kittens when he was 4 months old and there were absolutely no issues with him until this past spring. He was always very well scratching furniture, potty trained, very affectionate and social. Spring time came and he started hanging out by a specific window rather than snuggling with me which was a change, and poopinh outside of his box, and going after garbage and all food. I had brought him to the vet many times and 3 vets told me different things and inevitably I had tests done for him and they diagnosed him with crystals so he's been on a medicated food diet since which he seems to like. Recently I've moved and tuxedo is still at home with my younger brother, sister, and mother who take very good care of him but his behavior hasn't changed. He has accidents every day in different places, but the vet says he's healthy. My mom has given me an altimatim; fix it or she's putting him to sleep or abandoning him.

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  • Natasha PhilpNatasha Philp CeresMember Posts: 189
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    I understand it can be frustrating when a Kitty continually goes outside of the box when you cannot find any health related reason. However , this is almosty definately a health or stress issue. Please encourage your mum to be patient, Kitty is tryng to tell you there is something wrong and will probably keep doing so untill its fixed, there is no short answer or cure to be found here, you have to persevere with your vet and also have a think about kitties enviroment to see if there is anything that could trigger stress, you moving away from kitty is a definate stress for him, but as it happened before you left its difficult to tell. In the meantime, try a feliway diffuser in your home, its no cure but can help your cat to relax more at home. Hopefully you get some answers soon.
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