My cat has been missing for over 4 months :( is there any chance at all that she'll come back?

She's an outdoor cat and it was mid October that she went missing, so winter is in full swing. We live in the country and have looked everywhere for her but there are so many places for her to hide. We only have 2 sort-of close neighbors and 1 is amish so i dont think they would want her since they have tons of other cats. The other neighbors have there own cats. She was smart when it came to cars and predators so those arent a possibility. She was 5 1/2 years old though and i could tell she was slowing down but i also could tell she wasnt anywhere near death. She wasnt fixed so she had 5 kittens every year. The only thing that has me worried is my other cat, her daughter. She was 3 years old appossed to Izzy's 6 years, so her daughter was in her prime and im just wondering if she could have taken over her territory. Callie, Izzy's daughter, did beef up quite a bit when Izzy left so that has me worried and saddened even though i love her. I just want to know if there is any hope:( <3

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  • Tara McLeanTara McLean Member Posts: 113
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    Typically outdoor cats don't live as long as indoor cats. Even though she was smart about predators and cars there is still a very good chance that she could have succumb to either, along with many other hazardous situations such as weather or even being poisoned. If you truly care for your cats you will keep them indoors where you can make sure they are safe. Spaying and neutering is also recommended. There is a chance your older cat will return but if it's been 4 months and you haven't seen any signs of her that whole time I'm afraid the chances she will come back are slim.
  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    Former poster is right! I can tell you from being a feral cat caregiver of six cats, that over the years several have disappeared (never to return), one got hit by a car, and a few others were possibly poisoned and died very close to my home. If I haven't seen one of my outdoor cats in a few months, I assume that someone took them in (hopefully), some mean person relocated them to a new area, or they went off and died elsewhere. Hopefully your cat will come back. I once knew someone whose cat disappeared for over a year and one day returned home safely. Who knows? I do hope that your cat comes back. Check with the neighbors. Best of luck.
  • Lee Ann KoffinasLee Ann Koffinas OrlandoMember Posts: 346
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    I have a feral cat that I care for, and it is not possible to bring her in, and I worry about this happening to her as well. She has been in my neighborhood for at least 3 years before she would let me feed her. She has been TNR, and she rarely goes off of my street, but I worry so much about her, so I get how you are feeling. What the others say is right, outside cats don't live as long for all of the reasons she gave. I'm assuming you might have similar reasons that I do and can't bring her in. I have 3 cats and a doberman, and one of the cats can't be around other cats at all, she is vicious. I give her all the love I can, have and outdoor bed and house for her and feed her twice a day, and love her, and I hope for the best for her. At least she is no longer eating from garbage cans and she knows that she is loved.If she is not there every morning like she usually is, I get a pain in my gut, so I understand your feeling.
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