Fleas! Cat and Kitten are still itching after treatment!

My kitten brought a pleasant surprise of tape worms and fleas with her, when we brought her home. It took us a month before we figured either of these things out! We treated both the kitten and my older cat for tape worms, and fleas. We have also vacuumed EVERYTHING and washed all our clothing, and bed linens. We've checked both the cat and kitten for fleas since putting on the flea medicine and we cannot find any. However both the cat and the kitten are still itching! It has only been about 3 days since they've both had the flea medicine on, and we've been continuing to clean constantly since. Is there a chance that the cats are still fighting off the fleas? Or are we just being paranoid? If they can still be fighting of the fleas, is their anything we can do to kill all of the fleas? We weren't infested with fleas, we just wanted to be cautious so that we would not be in the future.

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  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    You don't mention what product(s) you used on your kitten and cat. Hopefully, you took them both to the vet. If not, a trip to the vet is necessary. Tapeworms are difficult to get rid of and your cats need to be treated professionally. As for the fleas, I have always had luck using Advantage topical flea medication on my cats. If your kitten is less than eight (8) weeks old, you should NOT apply any flea medication on her. Check with your veterinarian. You could try bathing the cats in Dawn dish liquid and let the cats dry thoroughly before applying any flea meds next month. Always wait out the 30 days before applying the next dose. Also, you need to treat the environment in order to get rid of fleas. This means all places where the cats sleep and play. Most importantly, keep them indoors so they can't bring in fleas and get tape worms. Best of luck.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Fleas are pretty easy to spot,either the flea itself or the "dirt" it leaves behind. Just to continue what the other poster said, it is very important to treat the home for fleas. They can burrow into drapes, carpeting, bedding, clothing and furniture. What can be washed should be. Everything else should be vacuumed and carpeting scrubbed. When vacuuming, vacuum up some flea powder and when you're finished, seal up the bag and dispose of it. Just vaccuming only takes the fleas for a joyride and will not kill them but the powder will. In addition, you may want to visit your home store or vet and ask for a "flea bomb" (a spray) that you set and then remove everyone (including fish tanks) from your home for a few hours. Flea infestations can creep up on you and it's important to treat your environment before this happens. Good luck!
  • Anne CorbettAnne Corbett Member Posts: 2
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    I try to take caution using chemical products around my cats. I used baking soda and salt mixed equally, put in a sugar or cheese shaker and sprinkled over all the carpets and left overnight or even several days. Then Ibought a flea collar which I cut in in several pieces and put some of the pieces in my vacum bag to kill any living or survivor fleas. You can repeat this procedure several times. To cut down on the grit from the salt,and to protect carpet fibers and hardwood floors from abuse I ran the salt in my coffee grinder. Mop floors with a vinegar and water solution as fleas do not like the acid. For the cats, I bought a good metal tined,flea comb. Set up a bowl of water with a little dish soap. Start with dry comb,and after a few passes dip comb into soapy water bowl to drown fleas. Then use a wet wash cloth to wipe comb of soapy residue, as you don't want to get soap on cats fur! The black specs will turn red as that is the flea poop which is actually dried blood!
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