My cat had a violent seizure and her head slammed into a metal heater for at least one minute.

My cat likes to sleep right under the heater in my bedroom. I woke up at 3:30 this morning to the sound of her hitting her head violently against the heater. She was having a seizure in her sleep. I am a pretty heavy sleeper but the sound of her whole body slamming into the heater was so loud that it woke me up, and continued for at least a minute. At the end of it, she ran into my bed, which woke her up. She is almost 5 and she has had 2 other seizures that I know about, but the last one was over a year ago. There are vets in my area but it is hard to get her in. I do not have a car anymore, and the last time I tried to put her in a cat carrier was another one of the times she had a seizure. So I do not want to take her in unless there is something I should be worried about. She did hit her head pretty hard but seemed fine after. Should I be worried? What causes/helps seizures? Any help or information is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    I too had a cat at age 5 who started having seizures. The first time my husband was home with her and took her to the vet. After doing blood work, the vet said that the seizure was "idiopathic", or of unknown origin. I could not put any flea meds on my cat, except Advantage. She would have a seizure within 24 hours if I used anything else. I started realizing she must have been having seizures in her sleep because she would wet her bed on occasion. She averaged one seizure per month and the vet said I didn't have to put her on meds, and chose not to. When she had the seizure, I would have to make sure she stayed away from stairs, as she was very restless after having one. She would go over to her food bowl and eat like a pig afterwards, drink some water, lay down and sleep for hours. You will have to protect her from stairs, falling off chairs, beds, counters. My cat lived to be 11 and died from kidney failure. Call a vet for advice. Purrs, prayers and lots of love to kitty
  • Kellyann CookeKellyann Cooke Member Posts: 373
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    Please see the vet. Seizure disorders can come and go, are different for every cat and should never be diagnosed or treated over the internet or at home. Please see a vet that can determine what type of seizure your kitty is having and if regular medication can help her.
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