I have 3 cats, they are 4 years old. One of them refuses to use the litter box, what do I do?

I'm pregnant and don't want to give them up for adoption. Please help!

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  • morgan zaccariamorgan zaccaria bvilleMember Posts: 60
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    they will have to get used to the fact your pregnant, they can smell your new hormones going through your body. give it time. get the training spray or the no peeing spray. I know you love them, they're your baby's to, :) remember to give them time to the new situation
  • Universal WhispererUniversal Whisperer Member Posts: 595 ✭✭
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    First of all have the cat who isn't using the litter box checked by the vet for medical problems. Quite often, not using the litter pan is a cat's way of telling you he or she has a problem. Recently Gabriel, one of my cats who previously had been clean about using the litter pan, urinated on the living room carpet in front of me. It turned out that he had FLUTD. He is on antibiotics, a urinary acidifier, & a urinary diet dry food & he's much better now.. I also have him crated in an x-large plastic dog crate with his litter, food, & water too where I can easily monitor his eating, drinking, & urinary output. Crating a cat until he consistently uses the litter in the crate for a month & then letting him back out is also one way that often works to retrain a cat with a housesoiling problem.
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