Cat peeing on bed. Recently moved. No UTI.

Recently moved 2 weekends ago. My cat has peed on my bed randomly before the move when overly stressed. This bout is more frequent so I got her checked for a UTI and she passed with flying colors. No UTI, crystals or diabetes. I'm going to buy some calming treats and a Feliway plugin this week to see if that helps. My guess is stress from the move, excited/scared about the bigger home, stress from birds teasing her outside which didn't occur at the old place, boredom, separation anxiety, or developing a habit. She's also peed on the bathmat but I have since removed its triggering presence. Went to the store today and got Cat Attract litter. She seems really interested in it, here's hoping it helps!! Anything else I could try and do? She has lots of toys and things. Would cat furniture help? Should I call her on my landline on my workbreaks? Put a tarp on my bed? Should I keep her quarantined in a small room for a while?

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    You've already had your cat vet checked & you know there's no medical problems. Your cat's stressed,she's in a new environment & she doesn't yet know what sounds, scents, etc are safe or possible threats. Often a nervous or scared cat feels safer in a smaller space, especially if there are dark places to hide in that space. You can try putting her in a bathroom when you're gone. Try not to worry as much, your cat senses your anxiety & that makes her even more nervous, which in turn makes you worry more. Give her plenty of time, it's common for a cat to take a month or longer to adjust to new surroundings. The biggest mistake people make when adopting a new cat or when putting a cat into a new situation is expecting the cat to adjust too quickly. Near the end of Mew's life, she sometimes peed on my bed-she had CRF. I kept a sheet of plastic on top of my bedspread & towels on top of the plastic. The plastic kept my bed clean, the towels absorbed most of any accident.
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