Our 2yr old cat is stressed and not interested in anything but outside. Does he need a friend?

Our cat is 2yrs old we got him from my Fiance's mom whom found him as a baby, nursed him back to health, and then declawed him in the front. She ended up being allergic. She let him outside all the time too. Now all Barney wants to do is go outside. He's not interested in catnip, toys, or being cuddly. Our roommate has two small dogs who Barney has recently stopped playing with. We have noticed that if we come home smelling like a friend's cat, Barney seems playful and actually rubs against our legs! So...is if safe to say, Barney needs a kitty friend?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Declawing a cat and then letting it outside is not the best choice since the cat cannot defend itself and/or climb anything to get away from predators. Barney is now an outside cat. Hopefully, he is neutered. If not, this will add to his stress and desire to be outside. It's very difficult to make an outdoor cat an indoor one. To adopt another cat and then let it outside as well would not benefit Barney. His behavior when you come home with another cat's scent on you is simply reclaiming you as "his", this is not being particularly "playful". Truthfully, outdoor cats can be more territorial than indoor, and adding another cat to your family may exacerbate the situation. Most rescues will not adopt a cat out if they know if will be an outdoor cat. Mine didn't. If Barney's behavior has changed, perhaps he needs to see a vet. That is what Catsters recommend when a cat's behavior changes. You can discuss with the vet if Barney's issues are physical or if something may have happened outside
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