I've found a better spot to urinate!

I adopted Skip over 8 years ago (neutered, Male) and over the last 2 weeks he's begun urinating in one area of the house other than the litterbox (which is kept clean nearly daily). I wasn't sure if it was Skip or his younger sister doing it, so I set up a video camera and within the 11 hr time frame, he urinated there once. He's never urinated there while I'm around, he usually uses the litterbox. He's been checked for a UTI, and his kidneys are functioning normally. Aside from the odd location of urination, he seems very relaxed...not stressed at all. He eats well, is of normal weight, drinks plenty of water through a fountain (the only water he will drink), no fleas, no bald spots, sleeps around 14 hrs a day, is very social, even with strangers. I take him outside almost daily. He has toys and a scratching pad, as well as a catwalk about 8 feet high. What could be a possible cause for this odd behaviour?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Peeing outside the litterbox is the bane of cat owner's everywhere. If we could figure out why they do it and write a book about it, we'd be multi-billionaires. Experts say that cats urinate outside their box for 2 main reasons. One is health issues, but you've had Skip checked and he's healthy. The other is stress. I am lucky with my cats. They don't demand a scrupulously clean, scooped 5 times a day litter box, but some do, and Skip may be one. "Nearly daily" scoopings might not be enough for him now. He also may need another box or 2 around your home. I have 3 cats and 3 boxes, one of which is a large (about 36 inches long or so) underbed storage box that I set out as a litter box. My cats seem happy with that arrangement and I only find pee spots when they see the neighbor's outdoor cat in "their" territory. Even cats who "have it all" like Skip will mark their territories which could be what he's doing. Clean up that area with an enzyme or "oxy" cleaner to destroy odor.
  • Warren TaylorWarren Taylor Member Posts: 41
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    Izzie had a lot of good ideas for you, I would like to add just one more: Try a litter box in the area where he has been going "outside the box" (so to speak.)
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