Why does my cat poop next to the litterbox, but not in it??

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Sometimes I have "escapees" from the litter box too. Occasionally, the feces will get kicked out by overenthusiastic covering. Cats will also protest a litter box that's not clean enough for them by pooping next to it. Or, if you have multiple cats and only one box, they don't want to use a place someone else has just used. Think of a public restroom where the person before you didn't flush. Yuck. It could also be that if your cat is too big for the box, she doesn't realize her business end is hanging out. I solved this issue for my 19 pound Maine Coon by using a large Rubbermaid underbed box. Finally, it could be a health issue. Cats have two glands on either side of their rectum that secrete fluids to say, in the "wild" that "I was here and this is MY territory!" Usually, these glands empty themselves during defecation, but sometimes they become infected or impacted. It can cause discomfort when they try to 'go' and they think the box is causing it. A vet can empty them for her.
  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    In addition to the previous reply, have you changed litter brands recently? If so, your cat is stating his preference in a stinky way. Scooping every day also helps. Sometimes my guys miss by accident because their rear is too high up, but it's usually pee, which smells much worse! Try OxiAdvantage to help get the smells out. ^_^


  • Alice PateAlice Pate Member Posts: 4
    He may not like the litter. If he is declawed, litter with large chunks can be painful to his paws to use. He's pooping next to the litter box to tell you something and that may be it. There's a litter called Cat Attract (my vet recommends it) which has catnip in it (Petco has it). You might want to try it. Also, cats are creatures of routine. If your routine has changed lately or he feels neglected, he may misbehave to get your attention. Also, he may do this to let you know something is amiss with him, such as an upset tummy, or an issue with his anal glands (2 glands on either side of his rectum-they can become plugged or inflamed). Have you changed foods recently? I would take him to vet for a complete physical to rule out any possible physical issue. My family calls me the cat doc because I know a lot about cats and have had them for over 50 years. I have seen a lot of cat behavior and illnesses over the years and have had a lot of experience with it. Good Luck...
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