Can mother cats sense mental problems as well as physical illnesses?

My cat Frootloops was born into a litter with 2 other kittens, both male (she's female). Her mother was a very friendly, sweet cat, but for some reason she would always take Froot and move her away from the other two kittens, whom she spent the vast majority of her time with. But she wasn't completely abandoned, because her mother must have come to nurse her or she wouldn't have made it, right? But then she would just keep her separate from the other kittens. Anyway, now Froot is around 12 years old. She's also had problems with aggression and anxiety, both of which were much worse when she was young, but have gotten better over the years (she's usually fine with a quick pet on the head nowadays). What I'm wondering is, can mother cats sense mental illnesses as well as physical ones (sensing that she was mentally unwell and therefore keeping her isolated), or do you think that her mental problems are CAUSED by the isolation, which had no apparent cause?

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    The answer to your title question is yes, absolutely. If it's bad enough, mom cats leave their sick (mentally, physically or both) babes to die in the wild. One of my cats, Bezal, was abandoned at 3 weeks old. People I knew found her crying loudly in their backyard. She grew fine and is a whopping 20 lbs., but I believe she has the kitty version of Down's. She is not social like the other cats, hides a lot and seems off from other cats that I've had, but she is a sweetheart to me and my 15 year old, Panda. ^_^ I don't think the abandonment issues ever really go away, but that's only part of the equation. Happy everything!!
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