My kitten, despite being well adapted to his litter box, already peed in a blanket 3 times. Am I doi

He's 3 month old. I keep the box clean an he seems to like using it...

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    There is a litter called kitten attract that guarantees litter box usage by Dr. Elsey, and also an attractant additive. There might have also been a time in his past when he was wrapped in a blanket and could not hold his bladder, which became a habit. Remove the blanket, because if a cat smells their own pee they will resoil the area. If it's on your bed, you need to wash it with a urine remover product to remove the pheromones, or he will keep resoling the affected areas. ^_^


  • Cris CrisCris Cris Member Posts: 1
    Mine has done that, and the way to stop was only to tell him "No, this no" (categorically, but not aggressively), when I caught him. Then I took him to the litter. Definitely clean the blanket as best as possible, and perhaps change all sheets/blanket/bed, so that it all has a new look. He's very young, he's still getting to know the place and testing the "litters" around the house..
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